Continuing the Legacy: More Voices of Oncology Nurses

Brenda Nevidjon
Oncology Nursing Society


Continuing the Legacy: More Voices of Oncology Nurses brings you a variety of educational, emotional, compelling, and familiar stories told by your fellow oncology nurses. In this rich collection, you'll read narratives of caring and compassion, pride and passion, and sadness and loss. Each story is unique, written by a diverse group of individuals from coast to coast, with job titles ranging from staff oncology nurse to chief operating officer at a university hospital. Each story is personal. Though the authors may be strangers to you, after sharing their singular recollections and musings, you will know them in a way you never thought possible. And each story is your own, representative of your collective profession and shared experience. It's part of your history, part of your present, and part of your future. Like its preceding volume, Building a Legacy . . . Voices of Oncology Nurses, this publication captures the narrative history of oncology nursing. This book also plays an active role in supporting the education, research, and leadership efforts of those to follow. Royalties from your purchase contribute to the ONS Foundation endowment and help sustain the future of your chosen profession.

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