Current Trends In Oncology Nursing (Second Edition)

Judith Payne | Kathleen Murphy-Ende
Oncology Nursing Society


As the healthcare field constantly advances, so does oncology—at an ever-increasing pace. Often at the front line of patient care, nursing professionals must be aware of the latest developments to provide the highest-quality care possible. The role of the oncology nurse goes beyond that of direct patient care to include patient and community education, research, policy development, and implementation of nursing curricula, to name a few. This second edition of Current Trends in Oncology Nursing provides an overview of myriad issues related to emerging science and technology, quality improvement and evidence-based practice, health disparities, caring for an aging population, education of the professional nurse, and models of care to help nurses stay up to date with changes in the fields of nursing and oncology. In addition, this book addresses legal, emotional, and ethical issues that nurses may encounter in their challenging work. The second edition of Current Trends in Oncology Nursing expands upon the first edition to cover the wide range of factors influencing cancer care to help clinicians, students, and academics broaden their knowledge and improve patient care.

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