Nursing Professional Development for Clinical Educators

Joan Lockhart
Oncology Nursing Society


Nursing professional development specialists (NPDSs) and unit-based educators are integral to the development and performance of healthcare professionals in a variety of clinical settings and specialties. Yet, in today’s healthcare workplace, delivering effective education can be challenging. Nursing Professional Development for Clinical Educators examines the ever-changing scope and standards of NPDS practice and the healthcare trends that influence the NPDS role. The book provides essential guidance in understanding the roles and responsibilities of nursing staff development, orienting nursing staff to the clinical unit, developing educational programs, and helping staff develop as professionals.

This volume updates and revises the author’s previous work, Unit-Based Staff Development for Clinical Nurses, first published in 2004. The update looks at healthcare trends and changes in nursing professional development, examines the roles and responsibilities of the nursing professional development specialist, and details how best to prepare for the role. The book also features an extended orientation chapter, which explores competency, residency programs, and dedicated education units.

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