CJON Peer Review

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Peer reviewers are a critical component of the publication process, ensuring quality and relevancy of articles accepted for print as well as assisting in author development.

All reviews are completed online only via Editorial Manager, so access to a computer and internet is required. Already a reviewer? Review full instructions for completing your review.

Get Involved

The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON) is recruiting new peer reviewers.

CJON peer reviewers must have an active nursing license, and ONS membership is preferred but not required. Peer reviewers are experienced clinical oncology nurses; master’s degree or higher is the preferred (but not required) academic background. Publication experience is required. CJON reviewer expertise covers broad clinical oncology nursing competencies, advocacy, and influence (e.g., prevention, clinical assessment, treatment, symptom management, clinical models for patient care delivery, clinical operations, psychosocial support of patients and caregivers).

CJON peer reviewers typically receive 3–5 invitations to review manuscripts per year. The length of the term is one year, with automatic renewal pending mutual interest.

When reviewing CJON manuscripts, reviewers provide constructive critiques, which evaluate content accuracy and quality, rigor in advancing the foundation of clinical oncology nursing practice, writing clarity, and applicability of content to current clinical oncology practice.

Interested? Reach out to pubCJON@ons.org with any questions, and complete an application today!

  • Reviewer Responsibilities
  • Tips for Review Comments
  • Complete 3–5 reviews annually. 
  • Complete appropriate forms.
    • ONS antitrust (initially and annually)
    • ONS conflict of interest (initially and annually)
    • Contact information (update as needed)
    • Areas of expertise (initially and as requested)
  • Provide reviews that are constructive and supportive. 
  • Complete reviews according to the deadline provided, usually 2 weeks.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all content. Manuscripts under review cannot be duplicated, quoted, or distributed. Any manuscript files should be destroyed after review completion.