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Antineoplastic Therapy Administration Safety Standards for Adult and Pediatric Oncology: ASCO-ONS Standards

Robert D. Siegel

Kristine B. LeFebvre

Sarah Temin

Amy Evers

Lisa Barbarotta

Ronda M. Bowman

Alexandre Chan

David W. Dougherty

Michael Ganio

Bradley Hunter

Meredith Klein

Tamara P. Miller

Therese Marie Mulvey

Amanda Ouzts

Martha Polovich

Maritza Salazar-Abshire

Elaine Z. Stenstrup

Christine Marie Sydenstricker

Susan Tsai

MiKaela M. Olsen

antineoplastic therapy administration, guidelines, safety, standards, oncology
ONF 2024, 51(3), 1-24. DOI: 10.1188/24.ONF.1-24.AP

Purpose: To update the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)-Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) standards for antineoplastic therapy administration safety in adult and pediatric oncology and highlight current standards for antineoplastic therapy for adult and pediatric populations with various routes of administration and location. 

Methods: ASCO and ONS convened a multidisciplinary Expert Panel with representation of multiple organizations to conduct literature reviews and add to the standards as needed. The evidence base was combined with the opinion of the ASCO-ONS Expert Panel to develop antineoplastic safety standards and guidance. Public comments were solicited and considered in preparation of the final manuscript.

Results: The standards presented here include clarification and expansion of existing standards to include home administration and other changes in processes of ordering, preparing, and administering antineoplastic therapy; the advent of immune effector cellular therapy; the importance of social determinants of health; fertility preservation; and pregnancy avoidance. In addition, the standards have added a fourth verification. 

Standards: Standards are provided for which health care organizations and those involved in all aspects of patient care can safely deliver antineoplastic therapy, increase the quality of care, and reduce medical errors.

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