Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual (Second Edition)

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Both a study guide and a clinical resource, this best-selling manual offers advanced practice nurses comprehensive preparation for advanced oncology certification tests (AOCNP® and AOCNS®) as well as a valuable reference that can be used in everyday practice.

Newly revised and updated, the book covers a wide range of topics, from types of cancer treatments and therapies, cancer symptoms, and some fundamentals of advanced practice nursing, including cancer screening, prevention, and early detection, genetic risk, cancer diagnosis and staging, all the way to cancer survivorship. Each chapter not only covers the content but offers recommended resources for oncology advanced practice nurses and key points. Sample test questions are offered in the final chapter.

If you are an oncology advanced practice nurse, nurse manager or supervisor, or eligible for renewal of your AOCNP® and AOCNS® tests, don’t wait to order the latest edition of the best-selling Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual.

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Chapter 2 - Genetic Risk

Suzanne M. Mahon
This chapter details issues surrounding genetic risk. Topics covered included genetic risks, testing, standards, and much more.

Chapter 3 - Cancer Diagnosis and Staging

Laura J. Zitella
This chapter presents an overview of the cancer diagnosis and staging process as well as the specific staging systems used for several of the most common malignancies.

Chapter 5 - Surgery

Joanne Lester
This chapter outlines current surgical oncology evidence-based interventions and the management of common cancers. The chapter also discusses innovative interventional radiology techniques and minimally invasive surgical procedures that provide the same...

Chapter 6 - Radiation Therapy

This chapter provides an overview of RT for the APN, including indications for treatment, patient and family education, and implications for practice.

Chapter 12 - Cardiac and Pulmonary Toxicities

This chapter reviews the potential toxicities that patients may develop following treatment with chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and radiation therapy. The chapter will also highlight the proposed etiology, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment...

Chapter 15 - Metabolic Emergencies

Diane G. Cope
This chapter reviews the incidence, pathophysiology, assessment, and treatment strategies for disseminated intravascular coagulation, sepsis, tumor lysis syndrome, hypercalcemia of malignancy, syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion, and...

Chapter 17 - Psychosocial Management

Roberta H. Baron
This chapter details psychosocial issues in patients with cancer, including anxiety and depression; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); fear of recurrence; cognitive changes; sexual health and body image changes; family/caregiver distress;...

Chapter 18 - Cancer Survivorship

Joyce Jackowski
This chapter examines aspects of survivorship, including definition, historical perspective, care models, provision of care, and useful resources for providers and survivors.

Chapter 21 - Professional Practice of Advanced Practice Nurses

Kathy Sharp
This chapter presents a review of the fundamental principles that are part of advanced practice nursing. These principles include information on licensure, certification, scope of practice, standards, credentialing, practice regulation and reimbursement...

Chapter 22 - Test Questions

Wendy H. Vogel
Shirley Triest-Robertson
Barbara Holmes Gobel
This chapter provides test questions for those studying to take advanced oncology nursing certification tests.