Breaking the Silence on Cancer and Sexuality: A Handbook for Healthcare Providers (Second Edition)

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Cancer and its treatments have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on quality of life, and no more so than in the area of sexuality and sexual functioning. The successful treatment of cancer often leaves survivors with an enhanced appreciation of life and the love they have in their lives. Difficulty expressing love through the most intimate of acts is devastating for many couples after treatment. For those who are not partnered, treatment side effects pose additional challenges in the realm of dating and establishing new relationships when body image is altered.
In the 10 years since the first edition of this book was published, oncology care providers have shown an increasing interest in addressing their patients’ changes to sexuality. The field has moved from an overwhelming silence to discussions that are much more open. Both survivors and their partners have benefited from this. But so too have oncology care providers who are increasingly providing comprehensive care for their patients, especially in this most sensitive aspect of quality of life.
This second edition of the award-winning and practice-changing text includes updated evidence and models that address the assessment and management of cancer-related sexual problems for survivors of all ages with a broad variety of cancers.
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Chapter 3 - Sexual Health Assessment

Anne Katz
Chapter 3 details issues surrounding sexual health assessment, including information on sexual assessment by nurses, communicating about sexuality, how to conduct a sexual assessment, and models of sexual assessment.

Chapter 4 - Breast Cancer

Anne Katz
Chapter 4 details how breast cancer affects sexuality, with information on effects of treatment on sexuality, partner issues, and nursing interventions.

Chapter 5 - Prostate Cancer

Anne Katz
Chaprter 5 details how prostate cancer affects sexuality, with information on treatment, nursing interventions, and men's experience of sexual changes (including sexual side effects and erectile dysfunction).

Chapter 6 - Gynecologic Cancers

Anne Katz
Chapter 6 details how gynceologic cancers affect sexuality, including information on the effects of gynecologic cancers on sexuality, nursing interventions, and a case study.

Chapter 7 - Testicular Cancer

Anne Katz
Chapter 7 details how testicular cancer affect sexuality, including information on the effects of testicular cancer on sexuality, nursing interventions, treatment and treatment-related side effects.

Chapter 8 - Colorectal Cancer

Anne Katz
Chapter 8 details the affects of colorectal cancer on sexuality, also with information on body image issues and nursing interventions.

Chapter 11 - Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer

Anne Katz
Chapter 11 details the impact of cancer on adolescents and young adults. Issues examined include psychosexual changes of adolescence, side effects, peer relationships, the effects of treatment on sexuality in young adults, contraception and safe sex, and...

Chapter 15 - Sexual Minority Patients

Anne Katz
Chapter 15 details the effects of cancer on sexual minority patients. Included is information on disclosing same sex relationships or attraction, health care risks, and oncology care providers.

Chapter 20 - Resources

Anne Katz
Chapter 20 details resources on sexuality and patients with cancer, including web sites, books, and journals.