Clinical Guide to Antineoplastic Therapy: A Chemotherapy Handbook (Fourth Edition)

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The landscape of cancer treatment is continually changing, with an increasing number of antineoplastic agents available. Beyond classical chemotherapy, treatment can involve multiple classes of therapies, such as immune check- point inhibitors, hormonal agents, small molecule inhibitors, and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy. This fourth edition of Clinical Guide to Antineoplastic Therapy: A Chemotherapy Handbook provides a detailed overview of the mechanisms, side effects, and administration of myriad treatments to assist clinicians in providing comprehensive care to patients with cancer.

In addition to an expanded section of more than 200 drug monographs spanning nearly 600 pages, this book covers essential topics related to cancer treatment, including venous access devices, complementary and alternative therapies, common treatment regimens, survivorship care, and stem cell transplantation.

This book is a must-have resource for clinicians in any care setting.

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Oncology Nursing Society
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Chapter 1 - Cellular Mechanisms of Chemotherapy

Jeanette Pretorius
Kim Y. Burney
Chapter 1 provides an overview of healthy and malignant cell growth, describes the role of the immune system in managing cellular growth, explains the effect of chemotherapy on cells, and reviews how treatment responses are determined.

Chapter 8 - Antineoplastic Agents

Michelle Rockey
Minal Surati
Chapter 8 provides nearly 600 pages of A-Z listing of antineoplastic agents. As treatments for cancers evolve rapidly, this chapter provides a resource for the clinical practitioner on medications used in the treatment of individuals with cancer.

Chapter 9 - Antineoplastic Regimens

Susanne Liewer
Jessie Signorelli
Chapter 9 reviews chemotherapy regimens currently used for the treatment of specific tumors in adults. Note: As advances are made in cancer treatment, the regimens described within this chapter will continue to evolve.