Nursing Management: Principles and Practice (Second Edition)

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With healthcare reform legislation and a diverse set of challenges presenting themselves each day, nursing management has never been more complicated. Nursing leaders need resources and tools to support the constantly shifting demands in healthcare management and, ultimately, patient care.
The second edition of Nursing Management: Principles and Practice provides an in-depth review of general and oncology nursing management principles to guide the practice and development of nurse managers involved with the care of patients with cancer. It features 46 chapters and nearly 1,000 pages—almost 40% larger than the previous edition. You’ll find updated chapters on leadership development, management theory, organizational design, human resource management, and financial management, with practical steps for nurses working as entry-level managers. It also comes with a CD-ROM containing PowerPoint slides for each chapter that you can use in training and exercises.
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Oncology Nursing Society
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Chapters 2-10 - Nursing Management

Tim Porter-O'Grady
Connie J. Carson
Susan Lasker Hertz
Marsha Hughes-Rease
Rhonda R. Foster
Connie J. Carson
Mary L. Scott
Janet Y. Harris
Jeffrey C. Langdon
Kevin W. Sowers
Donna R. Eversole
Nancy S. Barton
Heather M. Wood
Pat Stanfill Edens
Mary Magee Gullatte
Natasha Goburdhun
Includes Chapters 2 through 10. Chapter 2 deals with leadership in the field of nursing. Chapter 3 discusses how to change management from theory to practice. Chapter 4 deals with transformational and transactional leadership, while Chapter 5 examines...

Chapters 11-16 - Nursing Management

Corinne Haviley
Catherine Glennon
Evelyn Q. Jirasakhiran
Mary Magee Gullatte
Diane M. Otte
Adair D. Maller
Guadalupe Palos
Mary Magee Gullatte
Ayda G. Nambayan
Chapter 11 deals with a vast array of topics in healthcare economics. Chapter 12 examines how to recruit and retain top nursing talent, while Chapter 13 looks at how assistive personnel can act as partners in nursing care. Chapter 14 details employment...

Chapters 17-26 - Nursing Management

Catherine Glennon
Joan Such Lockhart
Mary Magee Gullatte
H. Tor Christensen
Patricia Reid Ponte
Cindy L. Zabka
Veronica S. Stone
Peter R. Miller
Catherine Harvey
Tammie E. Quest
Rhonda Scott
Mary Magee Gullatte
Beverly E. Smith
Linda Arslanian-Carlin
Frances Cartwright-Alcarese
Patti Owen
Laura Hurt
Chapter 17 provides information on the process of performance appraisals. Chapter 18 deals with lifelong learning and continuing competence. Chapter 19 focuses on labor relations and offers a collective bargaining guide for nurse managers. Chapter 20...

Chapters 27-37 - Nursing Management

Eva L. Karp
Laurie A. Gehrt
Marilyn Jones
Carolyn Buppert
Laurie Badzek
Lisa Hardman
Patricia J. Maramba
Susan M. Bauer-Wu
Katherine A. Yeager
Mary E. Cooley
Janice Phillips
Judith Doty
Katherine Pakieser-Reed
Susan M. Grant
Beverley H. Johnson
Joanne M. Hambleton
Brenda M. Nevidjon
Ilisa Halpern Paul
Carol Thompson
Connie Hampton
Sean P. Clarke
E. Michele Richardson
Petrina McGrath
Chapter 27 details issues in adoption, acquisition, and the transformation to health information technology. Chapter 28 highlights navigating legal and risk management issues. Chapter 29 explores nursing ethics. Chapter 30 details nursing research while...

Chapters 38-46 - Nursing Management

Connie Barden
Mary Bylone
Gregory L. Crow
Ayda G. Nambayan
Elizabeth M. Wertz Evans
Linda J. Shinn
Melinda Granger Oberleitner
Maria R. Shirey
Maria R. Shirey
Audrey Friedman
William B. O'Neal
Chapter 38 details creating how leadership can create a healthy working environment. Chapter 39 looks at the global mission of nursing while Chapter 40 examines quality and patient safety issues as they are related to nursing management. Chapter 41...