Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum (Third Edition)

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Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1998, awareness of the importance of attending to the psychosocial needs of patients with cancer has grown continually. Along with the physical hardships of the disease, its treatment and aftermath require ongoing psychosocial support. Oncology nurses are in the optimal position to address these needs, given the significant amount of time they spend with patients and their caregivers.

This new edition of Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum has been expanded and updated to address the growing role of psycho-oncology in the care of individuals confronted with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Focusing on patient-centered care, this text reflects the importance of family caregivers, interpersonal and social relationships, and survivorship issues in ensuring complete care of the patient with cancer. 

Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum is essential reading for nurses providing direct patient care and also serves as a vital resource for advanced practice nurses in addressing the management of common psychosocial issues experienced by this vulnerable population with complex care needs.


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Front Matter - 0660

This PDF contains the front matter, including the list of contributors, table of contents, and preface.

Chapter 6 - Fatigue

Edith O’Neil-Page
Linda M. Gorman
Chapter 6 examines issues surrounding fatigue in the patient with cancer.

Chapter 8 - Pain

Carol P. Curtiss
Chapter 8 examines issues surrounding pain in the patient with cancer.

Chapter 20 - Guilt

Rebecca Crane-Okada
Chapter 20 examines issues surrounding the nature of guilt in cancer care.