Site-Specific Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancer (Second Edition)

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Although new surgical techniques and treatments have improved function, cosmesis, and symptom management, individuals with head and neck cancers still have unique physiologic and psychosocial needs that must be addressed. Newly revised and updated for the first time since 2006, the second edition of Site-Specific Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancer provides the latest findings and information on head and neck cancers. Topics include:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • pathophysoiology
  • prevention and early detection
  • patient assessment
  • cancer treatments
  • survivorship
  • research

If you are involved in the care of patients diagnosed with head and neck cancers, you will want the second edition of Site-Specific Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancer, which offers the most current information on treating this specific and challenging patient population. Make sure your nursing library is up to date with the latest edition of this trusted resource

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Chapter 1 - Overview

Raymond Scarpa
Margaret Hickey
Chapter 1 provides an overview of head & neck cancer. In addition, this chapter also includes the books table of contents and preface.

Chapter 2 - Anatomy and Physiology

Joan Such Lockhart
Lenore K. Resick
This chapter provides an overview of head and neck anatomy and physiology, focusing on the ear, sinonasal area, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, and structures in the neck, ear, and throat.

Chapter 3 - Pathophysiology

Nancy Roehnelt
Margaret Hickey
This chapter explores the pathophysiology of head and neck cancer. Pathophysiology is the study of the biologic and physical manifestations of diseases as they correlate with underlying abnormalities and physiologic disturbances. This chapter reviews the...

Chapter 6 - Surgical Management

Raymond Scarpa
Joanne Lester
This chapter discusses various evidence-based surgical and reconstructive procedures for selected tumors in the head and neck.

Chapter 8 - Chemotherapy

Catherine Jansen
Chapter 8 examines issues surrounding chemotherapy treatment for patients with head and neck cancer.

Chapter 10 - Survivorship

Penelope Stevens Fisher
This chapter details the unique challenges of survivorship for patients with head and neck cancer.

Chapter 11 - Nursing Research

Raymond Scarpa
This chapter presents an overview of the head and neck cancer nursing research evidence published over the past decade, summarizs the research findings, and identifies future directions for head and neck cancer nursing research. The book's appendices are...