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Experience of Adolescents and Young Adults Living With Advanced Cancer: An Integrative Review

Debra M. Lundquist
Donna L. Berry
ONF 2019, 1-8 DOI:
Problem Identification: Knowledge about the experiences of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) living with advanced cancer may be limited. This review was conducted to examine the literature concerning this subject.
Literature Search: A comprehensive search was conducted using CINAHL®, the Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews, Embase®, the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), and PubMed®. 
Data Evaluation: Each study was systematically assessed. An evidence table detailing key components was compiled.
Synthesis: There is a growing body of knowledge about the experiences of individuals with advanced cancer. However, insufficient evidence exists regarding the experiences of AYAs with advanced cancer.
Implications for Research: The lack of knowledge about AYAs and how they experience living with advanced cancer requires additional research; this will lead to increased understanding of their challenges and more effective supportive interventions.