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Letters to the Editor

Reader Poses Questions Regarding Article's Methodology

Janet F. Zimmerman
Clare Hastings
ONF 2011, 38(6), 617 DOI: 10.1188/11.ONF.617

I read "Validating the Clinical Research Nursing Domain of Practice" by Castro et al. (2011) with great attention. Oncology has long recognized clinical trials as an area of specialization for nursing (Hubbard & DeVita, 1976). What began as a role in administering investigational chemotherapy for U.S. nurses has evolved into an internationally recognized specialty practice for nursing across all therapeutic areas (Spilsbury et al., 2008). I'm pleased that the Oncology Nursing Society continues to champion clinical trial nursing.


Castro, K., Bevans, M., Miller-Davis, C., Cusack, G., Loscalzo, F., Matlock, A.M., … Hastings, C. (2011). Validating the clinical research nursing domain of practice [Online exclusive]. <i>Oncology Nursing Forum, 38</i>, E72-E80. doi:10.1188/11.ONF.E72-E80

Hubbard, S.M., & DeVita, V. (1976). Chemotherapy research nurse. <i>American Journal of Nursing, 76</i>, 560-565.