Oncology Nursing Forum

  • Navigating the Transition From Cancer Care to Primary Care: Assistance of a Survivorship Care Plan

    ONF 2016, 43(6), 710-719 DOI: 10.1188/16.ONF.710-719

    Purpose/Objectives: To examine symptom and quality-of-life (QOL) trajectories in breast cancer and lymphoma survivors enrolled in a survivorship navigation intervention and to explore patient, caregiver, and primary care provider (PCP) satisfaction with receipt of a survivorship

  • Distress and Coping Self-Efficacy in Inpatient Oncology Nurses

    ONF 2016, 43(6), 738-746 DOI: 10.1188/16.ONF.738-746

    Purpose/Objectives: To examine distress and coping self-efficacy in inpatient oncology nurses. 

    Design: Cross-sectional survey design.

  • Fatigue Self-Management Behaviors in Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Prospective Longitudinal Survey

    ONF 2016, 43(6), 762-771 DOI: 10.1188/16.ONF.762-771

    Purpose/Objectives: To explore the fatigue self-management behaviors and factors associated with effectiveness of these behaviors in patients with advanced cancer.

    Design: Prospective longitudinal interviewer-administered survey.