Oncology Nursing Forum

  • ONS Guidelines™ for Cancer Treatment–Related Radiodermatitis

    ONF 2020, 47(6), 654-670 DOI: 10.1188/20.ONF.654-670

    Purpose: Radiodermatitis is a side effect of radiation therapy. Evidence-based interventions to minimize severity or delay progression are important for clinical care.

  • ONS Guidelines™ for Opioid-Induced and Non–Opioid-Related Cancer Constipation

    ONF 2020, 47(6), 671-691 DOI: 10.1188/20.ONF.671-691

    Purpose: This evidence-based guideline intends to support clinicians, patients, and others in decisions regarding the treatment of constipation in patients with cancer.

  • Pain and Spirituality Outcomes Among Women With Advanced Breast Cancer Participating in a Foot Reflexology Trial

    ONF 2021, 48(1), 31-43 DOI: 10.1188/21.ONF.31-43

    Objectives: To examine pain and spirituality, demographic and clinical factors associated with pain and spirituality, the contribution of spirituality to experiences of pain over time, and how pain and spirituality relate to engagement with a caregiver-delivered intervention.