Oncology Nursing Forum

  • ONS Guidelines™ for Cancer Treatment–Related Radiodermatitis

    ONF 2020, 47(6), 654-670 DOI: 10.1188/20.ONF.654-670

    Purpose: Radiodermatitis is a side effect of radiation therapy. Evidence-based interventions to minimize severity or delay progression are important for clinical care.

  • ONS Guidelines™ for Opioid-Induced and Non–Opioid-Related Cancer Constipation

    ONF 2020, 47(6), 671-691 DOI: 10.1188/20.ONF.671-691

    Purpose: This evidence-based guideline intends to support clinicians, patients, and others in decisions regarding the treatment of constipation in patients with cancer.

  • Factors That Influence Health-Promoting Behaviors in Cancer Caregivers

    ONF 2020, 47(6), 692-702 DOI: 10.1188/20.ONF.692-702

    Objectives: To describe cancer caregivers’ participation in health-promoting behaviors and to identify factors influencing participation.

    Sample & Setting: 129 informal cancer caregivers at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.