BMTCN® Certification Review Manual (Second Edition)

BMTCN® Certification Review Manual (second edition)
Beth M. Faiman
Oncology Nursing Society


Are you preparing to take the blood and marrow transplant certified nurse (BMTCN®) examination? The Oncology Nursing Society’s BMTCN® Certification Review Manual (second edition) provides nurses with the necessary education for the certification examination.  

The latest edition features updated guidelines for prophylactic antibiotics and immunizations and a review of newly approved therapies with novel mechanisms of action available to treat and support toxicities such as nausea, neutropenia, and chronic graft-versus-host disease. Additionally, nurses will gain valuable information on innovative procedures that improve post-transplant–related outcomes and explore critical updates to chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies and supportive care considerations. 

The essential study guide follows the BMTCN® test blueprint, and each chapter contains study questions to prepare nurses for the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation BMTCN® certification examination—the only nationally-accredited test of its kind. 

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