Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice (Second Edition)

MiKaela Olsen, Kristine LeFebvre, Suzanne Walker, Elizabeth Prechtel Dunphy
Oncology Nursing Society


Oncology nursing is a unique specialty that requires continuous learning to stay current on cancer pathophysiology, cutting-edge drugs, and the evidence-based management of cancer and its treatment-related toxicities.

The Oncology Nursing Society’s Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice (second edition) provides nurses with the tools to understand how medications are used in cancer treatment, the effect of medication-related toxicities, and evidence-based recommendations to manage and treat these toxicities. This edition features many new cancer therapies approved since the 2019 publication. Extensive drug tables provide nurses with categorical drug information based on treatment type and tips for managing patients receiving these treatments.

New evidence relating to cancer nursing care is incorporated into this edition, such as hypersensitivity response, safe handling of hazardous drugs, and more. Expanded content on genomics corresponds with the progress made toward personalized oncology. Health equity is approached with information discussing financial distress, cultural disparities, and health literacy. The latest guidelines and recommendations for treatment, symptom management, and survivorship are also included. A QR code is provided with the purchase of this book, allowing access to periodic drug updates.

Please see the following errata for changes to this book:
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