Permissions and Archives

ONS Publication Permissions (including Reprints, Translations, and Archive Access)

All material published by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is copyrighted by ONS and protected under U.S. and international copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, and online posting of ONS copyrighted content is strictly prohibited. Permission from ONS is required to post online, reuse, reprint, publicly display, photocopy (other than for “fair use”—see below), or otherwise reproduce for any purpose ONS full-text journal articles or book chapters. The same also applies to tables, figures, and text excerpts that have appeared on the ONS website or in ONS journals, books, newsletters, promotional materials, courses, videos, or any other ONS publications or products.

Journal and Book Content Permission

To request permission to reprint, adapt, excerpt, post online, or otherwise reuse content from the Oncology Nursing Forum (ONF), Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON), or an ONS book, complete the permissions request form  and email it to Please include as many details about your request as possible.


  • “Fair use” under U.S. copyright law allows for single copies without permission for noncommercial use. Permission to make multiple copies of the full-text of an ONF or CJON article should be submitted to the Copyright Clearance Center at

  • Requests to make multiple copies of content from ONS books and other ONS intellectual property (excluding journals) should be directed to using the permission request form.

  • ONS Voice: Blanket permission for photocopying any material in ONS Voice is granted to ONS members. Requests from nonmembers for multiple copies should be directed to the Copyright Clearance Center at

  • ONS Position Statements: ONS position statements may be downloaded from the ONS website and reprinted without requesting permission.

    Other Permission Requests

    Requests for the following also should be directed to using the permission request form.

    • To reprint or otherwise reuse ONS intellectual property other than book or journal content, including but not limited to newsletters, online courses, web content, standards, competencies, evidence-based resources, tools, scales, and videos.

    • To reprint or otherwise reuse material you originally authored.

    • To reprint or otherwise reuse material for an ONS, Jones and Bartlett, or an APON publication.


      To purchase high-quality, professionally produced reprints (minimum 50) of ONF or CJON articles, ONS book chapters, or other ONS content, email indicating what and how many reprints you are interested in purchasing.


ONS publications and other resources can provide great value to international oncology caregivers, so ONS welcomes the opportunity to partner with other organizations to deliver ONS content to non-English speaking people. Individuals, publishers, and all others with an interest in translating ONS content should complete the translation request form and email it to ONS will evaluate and respond to each request. Translating and distributing, posting, or otherwise disseminating ONS content without permission is strictly prohibited.

Accessing ONF, CJON, and ONS Voice Archives

  • ONF and CJON (ONF, 2000–present; CJON, 2001–present): ONS members can access (free of charge) full-text issues of ONF and CJON online dating back to 2000 and 2001, respectively. Nonmembers can view articles on a pay-per-view basis.

  • ONF and CJON (before 2000 and 2001, respectively): To request an article that was published before 2000 (ONF) or 2001 (CJON), email

  • ONS Voice: Archived content based on topic is available online for members and nonmembers.

    Still have a permission question? Email

ONS Licensing—Connecting Your Organization to ONS’s Peer-Reviewed Products

Provide your employees and customers with convenient, cost-effective access to hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, courses, publications, research resources, and other products. As a professional association of more than 39,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care, ONS produces some of the most highly respected products in the field of nursing, including:

Licensing Options and Benefits

  • Reprints: Purchase customized, high-quality, professionally produced reprints of ONS journal articles, book chapters, and other content directly from ONS (50 reprint minimum). For more information, email
  • Translations: Translate and resell publications internationally. ONS books and journals are available to non-U.S. publishers for translation, including the right to publish, sell, and distribute foreign-language editions.
  • Integration: Purchase a license to incorporate ONS’s oncology-specific telephone triage protocols into your institution’s EMR or EHR system.
  • Customization: Licensing partners may customize ONS intellectual property for inclusion in your product, service, or other commercial endeavor.
  • Standards and guidelines: ONS standards and guidelines can be incorporated into your institution’s clinical practice or electronic health record system.
  • Core Competencies: Your organization can implement ONS-developed core competencies for a wide variety of oncology nursing roles.
  • Research Resources: Explore the possibility of using ONS quality measures and PEP resources to conduct research or for commercial purposes.
  • Accessibility: Your staff or customers will have immediate access to the licensed content at a centralized location.
  • Enhance Your Library: A site license will serve to supplement your electronic oncology nursing library.
  • Discounts: Purchase ONS products at a discount in bulk quantities, including books and online courses.
  • Your Ideas: ONS is interested in hearing your unique ideas related to a potential ONS licensing arrangement that would best serve your organization.

Contact Us

Email any questions you may have or to initiate a licensing partnership with ONS. Authors and others seeking limited, one-time permission to reprint content from an ONS resource should contact