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Comparison of Fatigue and Quality of Life in Individuals With Pancreatogenic Diabetes After Total or Partial Pancreatectomy

Hsuan-Ju Kuo

Yu-Wen Tien

Nien-Tzu Chang

Yun-Jen Chou

Shiow-Ching Shun
fatigue, pancreaticoduodenectomy, quality of life, total pancreatectomy
ONF 2019, 46(5), E159-E170. DOI: 10.1188/19.ONF.E159-E170

Objectives: To compare fatigue and quality of life (QOL) between individuals with pancreatogenic diabetes after total pancreatectomy (TP) and pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD).

Sample & Setting: 50 individuals (14 after TP and 36 after PD) were recruited from a pancreatic surgical outpatient department. A final sample of 39 matched individuals (13 after TP and 26 after PD) were included in the final analysis.

Methods & Variables: A comparative cross-sectional approach was used. Variables were fatigue and QOL. The Fatigue Symptom Inventory and European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality-of-Life Questionnaire—Core 30 were used. Data went through propensity score one-to-two matching. Generalized estimating equation was used to compare fatigue and QOL.

Results: The groups showed no statistically significant difference in fatigue intensity and overall QOL. The TP group had significantly longer fatigue duration, perceived higher interference of functioning, lower physical function, and a higher level of insomnia.

Implications for Nursing: Future studies with a larger sample and longitudinal design will help identify the trajectory of fatigue and QOL in individuals with pancreatogenic diabetes post-TP and PD.

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